Thanksgiving Fruit Memorials and Honoraria

Thank you to everyone who made Thanksgiving Fruit Memorials and Honoraria.


In memory of:  Janice and Harry by Liz and Hoyt Wheeler • Rebecca K. Bettis and Bennett S. Masachi by Linda and Vance Bettis • Margaret Usry Britt and Vivian Earle Britt by Connie Britt • Hugh William Carter, Jr. by Bill Carter • Sammy Crapps by Donna Crapps • Brett Frantz by Scotty, Sarah, and Adam Frantz • Thomas Spotswood Glazebrook and Elizabeth Brooker Glazebrook (Mrs. T.S. Glazebrook) by Elizabeth Glazebrook • Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Glenn by Nancy and Al Glenn • Gary Lackey by Pam Lackey • Mr. and Mrs. John Haughton London and Caroline London Eddy by Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hill • John and Norrie Nicholson by Norrie Nicholson Cooper • Ann Atkinson Nowell by Steve Nowell and Deanna • Donald V. Richardson by Deans R. Fawcett • Louis T. Runge by Tom and Anne Runge • Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pickens Salley by Mary Stanley Wiebe • Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Taylor, Jr. by Louise M. Taylor • Lucilla Mikell von Kolnitz by Jenkins M. von Kolnitz.


In honor of:  William Fritze by Yvonne G. Gibson • Marsha Lunsford and Chip Lunsford by Charlotte Lunsford Berry.