Tina Lockett to Join Trinity Clergy Staff

Dear Trinity Friend:
I don't know that I have ever interviewed a clergy candidate for whom I have gotten more unsolicited and positive letters of recommendation as I have for Tina Lockett, Trinity's new Canon for Pastoral Care. Former colleagues have described her as a caring, wise pastor, and they praised her organizing gifts (which will be important for our expanding lay pastoral care ministries).
The Rev'd Tina Lockett has served the church in several settings, including as a seminary Dean of Students (Trinity School for Ministry), as assistant rector in large and small Episcopal churches, and as a hospital chaplain in a specialized year-long clinical education program. In July 2007, she was the speaker for the Province IV Episcopal Church Women's Conference at Kanuga. While completing her Houston hospital chaplaincy program, she has served as an assistant at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Friendswood, Texas.
I convened a group of Trinity lay people to help interview her and advise in this call. "Her warmth, engaging personality, and willingness to be a team player make her unique," one said. Another noted how "Tina's responses to the stated pastoral care needs of Trinity were 'We can do that' and 'We can make that happen.'" Former colleagues from her varied ministries described her approach to ministry as "highly relational." Another mentioned that she was generous and kind, qualities important for anyone who will minister to people in all stages and circumstances of life.
While Tina grew up in Alabama as a cradle Episcopalian, she has an interesting spiritual pilgrimage. First ordained as an Episcopal priest, she left the Episcopal Church, serving for a time as a priest in the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). Thankfully she was led back to the Episcopal Church. She will happily share, with any who ask, about her return to her Episcopal roots and how she was reinstated to ordained ministry by the Rt. Rev. Dorsey McConnell, the Bishop of Diocese of Pittsburgh. I am grateful that the Episcopal Church has a reconciliation process for those who realize that their true spiritual home is the Episcopal Church. That process makes room for them to renew their vows as Episcopal clergy, which Tina has joyfully done. At a time of polarization, I rejoice that there are opportunities for this work of reconciliation, and thankful that Tina will be serving among us.
Tina is single and will move to Columbia from Texas along with her mother (also an Episcopal priest, now retired). "We have been under the same roof with a dog and a cat for seven years now," she notes, "with only minor squabbles between the four of us."
The Rev. Ira Houck will also continue to assist with pastoral care. Tina very much looks forward to sharing her gifts within our large and wonderful congregational life. Me, too!
Please join Bishop Waldo and me in welcoming Tina into the Diocesan and Cathedral communities.
Warmly in Christ,
Timothy Jones, Dean