If you suffer from depression or anxiety, you are invited to Solomon’s Porch

Solomon’s Porch was created by two Daughters of the Trinity family in August of 2016 to provide a small group experience for women who suffer from depression and anxiety. Members have often found healing and hope when gathered on Solomon’s Porch in the name of Christ.

Meetings happen every other week and feature discussions based on readings related to anxiety and depression, guest speakers, and experiential activities.  All meetings include prayer and scripture.

The evening chapter meets at 6:15 on alternate Tuesdays in Trinity’s library and a new daytime chapter meets on alternate Thursdays at 1:00. Meetings last one hour. 

If you are interested in attending or have questions about Solomon’s Porch, get in touch with Janie Godbold at 463-0513 or janiegodbold@gmail.com  or Betsy Wolff at 782-0238 or betsymwolff@gmail.com.  Reach out to either or us to discuss the evening chapter or contact Betsy about the daytime meetings.  Feel free to get in touch to schedule a cup of coffee with us or a call.  The full winter/spring schedule will be available on February 23.