January/February 2018 Volunteer Spotlight: Patti Trotter

The first Spotlight for 2018 falls on Patti Trotter, volunteer extraordinaire.  Patti has been a member of Trinity for approximately four years. She quickly became involved as she participated in a Spiritual Gifts workshop to help her discover where God was calling her to be active in the church at this stage of her life. Since that time she has become actively involved in several Trinity ministries.

Patti joined the Flower Guild where she is known as a talented, enthusiastic and consistent member.  Flower Guild Chair, Elizabeth Whitener, describes her as a very talented, dependable and willing participant, ready to jump in to help on the spur of the moment when needed.  She says Patti always has a smile on her face and is very easy to work with.

Patti has also participated in the WA Perry program, working with the very successful cooking class, and recently agreed to chair this group. The Perry Program is a long-term program at Trinity working with children, teachers and administrators at the school to enrich the lives of middle school children.

She has recently become involved with More Justice, the exciting new justice ministry through which Trinity is working with members of more than 40 churches to work for justice issues in our community.  She is planning to be an active part of the research group studying the issues selected to identify possible solutions.

Recently, she has become part of a dedicated group of receptionists at the Welcome Center, presenting a friendly and helpful presence to visitors and church members.  Once again, she jumped right in and has been extremely enthusiastic.  She would be happy to share her enthusiasm for the Welcome Center with any members interested in joining them. In addition to these activities, she became a member of the ARK study group last year and in addition, this year is participating in a bible study group.

Of course the most important part of her life is being Mom to three grown daughters (including our own Jessica Shand) and five active granddaughters.  What a role model and friend she is, not only to her own family but to all at Trinity who know her.  Thanks, Patti!