Vestry Meeting Highlights

The February Vestry meeting was held on February 23, 2018 as part of the Vestry Retreat. Following approval of the January 2018 minutes, Senior Warden Phil Johnston presented his report and discussed Vestry norms, ministry liaisons and reports. He also updated Vestry on the status of finding a viable solution for the Trinity Center repairs, the work done by the Security Committee on an Emergency Procedure Manual, Safe Church training which is required for all Vestry members, and the search for co-chairs to assist Ben and Adele Grimsley with the 2018 Stewardship campaign.  Phil also recognized new Vestry members, Clark Lee, Rusty Miller, Ed Tilden, Ian Weschler, Susan White and Beth Yon, who were attending their first Vestry meeting.  He also recognized new invited members, including Eleanor Whitehead, Still Hopes representative, and Diana Ayers, Daughters of the Holy Cross. Phil concluded his report by calling for a motion and approval of Billy Koehler to service on the Board of Advisors for the Trinity Learning Center.

In addition to the monthly Finance Committee report and the Treasurer’s report, a Stewardship Committee report was given by Ben Grimsley, which included a review of the most recent 2018 pledge report, and he announced that a group of Vestry and Stewardship Committee members will get together on February 27th to make phone calls to parishioners who pledged in 2017, but have not yet pledged in 2018. A discussion followed regarding Budget Committee and Finance Committee meetings which will take place in March to review the 2018 budget that was passed in January with a deficit, but with the understanding that the budget would be balanced in March, after taking into consideration additional pledges and expenses that have come in since that date.

Dean Jones concluded the meeting with his report which included formation of a Youth Committee to search for a Director of Youth Ministries, a Communications Committee to better coordinate communications at Trinity, and a committee to make recommendations on the use of the Cathedral Shop after it closes on March 31. Dean Jones also discussed a possible part time replacement for Addie Thompson while she is out on maternity leave and provided an overview of the Parochial Report that will be submitted to the Diocese.


David Wolff, Junior Warden