Sunday Classes for Adults


Spring 2017 Sunday Morning Offerings

Adult Confirmation and Inquirers Class - Led by Dean Jones and The Rev'd Canon Ira Houck in the Admin Conference Room
Need a refresher course on our convictions as Christians? A clearer understanding of Episcopal practices? Exploration of our heritage in the Anglican tradition? This series (which will be required for adults being confirmed in May when our Bishop visits Trinity) will offer an interactive overview of the Christian faith and the Episcopal tradition. All are welcome. There will be lively conversations about why we do what we do in worship; a place to make new friends among long-time and new attendees; or new ways to serve and be involved.


“What the Bible Says About...”- Led by Dr. Charles Sigel in Satterlee Hall
This seminar will explore some topics about which many people have questions (ex. heaven, hell, Satan, resurrection). Each weekly session will explore one topic, hopefully with the opportunity for questions. You are invited to join the exploration.


Martin Luther for Anglicans- Led by Ray Barrow in the Library
The life and teachings of Martin Luther continue to challenge people in all denominations. His paradigmatic shift in defining God and what it means to be human has much to say to American Christians. The “monk with a mallet” certainly did not mean to shake up the Church or history; he was merely concerned for the spiritual well-being of his congregation. Join us and discover how this most “colorful” man with his simple expression of profound truth can affect your walk with our “Gracious God.”


St. Francis: A Spiritual Guide for the 21st Century - Led by The Rev'd Canon Patsy Malanuk, Nela Edgar, Walter Edgar, Betty Hudgens, Linda Rogers, and Anne Runge in Room 114
How can any of us reach a truly transformed life? Using the model of St. Francis of Assisi, as well as the meditations of the renowned contemporary Franciscan priest, Fr. Richard Rohr, the St. Francis Group will begin this seminar with conversations on the theme of Transformation. Fr. Rohr describes it this way, “True transformation means your motivation foundationally changes from security, status, and sabotage to generosity, humility, and cooperation.” Join us as we walk in the way of Francis to explore this and other questions facing modern day Christians.


Growing in Christ - Led by Sharon Roach, Rox Pollard, Tommy Price, Lee Ayers, Emery Clark & Cubby Culbertson (3rd Sundays) in the Stirling Room
GIC is a Bible Study for all. It is led by lay people trying to help lay people understand God’s love for all as expressed in the Bible. Now in its 21st year, Growing in Christ has all generations of people with all levels of Biblical knowledge. Wonderful bonds and encouraging relationships constantly are formed in the class. During each class, the leader will make short presentations of the week’s passages followed by class discussions.


The Promised Land- Led by lay leaders in Keenan Chapel

This class will accompany what our children are learning in their Sunday school classes. However, you do not have to have children in Sunday school to attend this class. We will explore the Promised Land in the exciting Biblical story of God's people. Throughout, class members will encounter key figures and events, seeing how all of them point ultimately to Christ and the Christian story. Not only that, but essential Christian doctrines will be explored along the way, equipping us to think with a Christian worldview. This will be a very informal group led discussion series. Please contact Shannon Kvam ( if you have any questions.


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