Sunday Classes for Adults

Fall 2017 Sunday Morning Offerings

How to Open and Own Your Bible — Led by Dean Tim Jones
This “Bible 101” class will help you better understand how to navigate the Bible—how to “own” it in terms of better understanding and applying it to your life. We will look at key episodes in the sweep of God’s ultimate story in the Old and New Testaments. We will also look at practical aspects of making the Bible your own by examining different translations, choosing from different “study Bibles,” even understanding how the Bible is organized by category, chapter and verse. We will explore web resources. No question will be too elementary. This can also serve as a refresher class helping the long-time reader discover yet new insights and transforming truths.
In Room 114 (down the hall from the Welcome Center)

Chasing David: A Shakespearean Drama in the Hebrew Bible — Led by Ray Barrow
The group will explore David, the longest continuous story in the Bible the most mentioned character (600+ times). The emphasis will be more toward transformation than information, and the class will draw from Eugene Peterson’s book on King David, Leap Over the Wall: Earthy Spirituality for Everyday Christians.
In the Daughters Room

Exalting Christ in a Contemporary World — Led by Canon Andrew Grosso
We rightly focus on four pivotal “chapters” in the story of Christ: his death, resurrection, ascension, and return at Pentecost through the Spirit. While these four movements are central to our Christian convictions, they are also compelling in our daily experience of faith. So how do we explore and live out of these great story truths in a contemporary world with all its challenges?
(Sundays: October 22-November 26) in Satterlee Hall

Growing in Christ — Led by Lay Leaders
GIC is a Bible Study led by lay people trying to help others understand God’s love for all as expressed in the Bible. Growing in Christ has all generations with all levels of Biblical knowledge. Wonderful bonds and encouraging relationships constantly are formed in the class. During each class, the leader will make short presentations of the week’s passages followed by class discussions.
In the Stirling Room

Trinity Cathedral 101 (A Class for Newcomers and the Simply Curious)
Want to know more about Trinity, its Episcopal heritage, its nooks and crannies, and its opportunities for engagement? This three-session, lay-led class will help those new to (or just curious about) Trinity to have an enjoyable, interactive, and informative series.
(Two Separate Series: Sundays September 17-October 1 &
Sundays: December 3-17) in the Library

Becoming an Internet-wise Family
NOTE: this is a special Advent series: Sundays December 3-10
Screen-time, social media, the Internet’s dark shadows: There are many challenges for parents, grandparents, and others who raise and nurture children. This two-session series will explore how social media can be used for potential good, as well as managed when it comes to proper boundaries and hazards. Expert presentations will assist the class, and there will be opportunities for sharing of best practices for what can at times seem like overwhelming challenges.
In Satterlee Hall


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