Wednesday Night Suppers at Trinity

formation-photo.JPGWednesday night suppers begin at 5:45 pm each week.

Engaging our Worship with Heart and Hands and Voices

Join this four-week Wednesday night series led by Dean Jones and Canon Jared Johnson. The half-hour sessions will include interactive presentations by Tim and Jed and demonstrations by our wonderful musicians. Expect insights and background that can help what happens Sundays and in chapel services speak even more powerfully. We will explore questions like these: How can I experience our worship services more deeply? How does one listen profitably to a sermon? To music? How do I better prepare myself (and in some cases my children) for compelling experiences of worship?

The last Wednesday night program for the season will be on May 17.

Menu for Wednesday, May 3

Please register by 4 pm on the afternoon of the supper. Thank you!

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