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If you’re already enrolled in the Tidings but need to change your email address, send an email and let us know (please include the old email address as well as the new one!).

For Tidings and Bulletin Announcements:

If you have an announcement for the Weekly Tidings e-newsletter or our bulletin inserts, email the facts and attach documents (including artwork) to no later than Tuesday at 5 p.m.  If you need a registration form for your insertion, please request the form in the same email.

Listing a Birth or a Death in Trinity’s Publications:

If you have welcomed a new addition to your family, or have lost a family member, please let us know! Especially if you would like their name to appear in the Tidings or the service bulletins, it’s very important that this information is sent directly to Allison Fowler, Trinity’s Membership Secretary, at or 803.461.7319.