Pastoral Care and Parish Life

Relationships are at the heart of Christian life. At Trinity, we are called to be a people that proclaim one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all.

We love to celebrate together, at liturgical holidays with pageants filled with angels and shepherds, or easter egg dying in the courtyard, and during pancake suppers before Lent. Together we celebrate baptisms, confirmations, and joy filled weddings. These celebrations can be loud and boisterous, such as at church basketball games, oyster roasts with bluegrass music, or in booth-lined hallways during the Bazaar.

There are also quieter times, when we gather in Christ’s name to help those who may be suffering, pray beside the sick at a hospital bed, and hold tight those in mourning. Even in difficult times, we are called to be the Body of Christ.

While these loving acts can be considered pastoral care, at Trinity we believe parish life and pastoral care are so intertwined they can not be pulled apart.

We invite you to gather with us and find your place as a member of this wonderful community.

To get involved with the Parish Life and Pastoral Care Ministries, please contact Canon Jimmy Hartley (, 803.771.7300)

Lay Chaplains/Community of Hope – Nela Edgar – (803) 917-0284, Betsy Wolfe – (803) 479-6584

Eucharistic Visitors-Rick Corbett – (803) 920-1597

Order of St Luke (OSL)- Mopsy Crawford – (803) 331-5012

New Life Ministry- Clara Koons – (803) 315-1146

Casserole Ministry- Andrella Brunson (803) 261-1717

Welcome Desk Volunteer- Allison Fowler –  (803) 771-7300 (Ext 216)

Churchyard Ministry- Jim Sims – (803) 605-3663

Daughters of The Holy Cross- Julianne Sojourner – (803) 261-1717

Daughters of The King- Jean Knowlton – (803) 402-2202

Docents- Connie Britt – (803) 622-0658

Kitchen Ministry- Andrella Brunson (803) 261-1717

Men of Trinity- Ian Weschler – (248) 225-5933

Needlework Guild- Allison Johnson – (803) 361-3822

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