Worship & Music

In our Cathedral is where it all begins. Worship is at the very heart of our life together here at Trinity Cathedral.

If you think about it, worship is what sets the ministry of the church apart from every other wonderful organization in this community, many of whom we partner with here in Columbia. These organizations that feed the hungry, clothe the needy, that educate us and give us the opportunities to grow in fellowship and friendship. All of this work is incredible and vital to our community, and in fact, we do a lot of that very same work here at Trinity, too! But worship is our unique call and purpose. We are called to join together with the whole family of God, to praise and glorify our father, our redeemer, and sanctify the spirit alive within us.


We worship in beautiful and unique ways. Amazing choirs lead us in songs of praise, lifting their spirits to the heavens. Our altar guild lovingly maintains the objects and articles of our worship. Hospitality Ministers and Ushers greet the people of God as they arrive at the church, ready for worship. Lectors read the word of God to proclaim his gospel in the world. Our young people serve as acolytes leading us in processions and praise God by singing in our choirs.

All of these extraordinary ministries are unique to the purpose of the church. All of it is upheld and supported by the generosity of the people of this Cathedral Parish.

Worship is where it all begins. We are nourished, we are strengthened, and we are sent forth to be god’s people in the world, so that we can come together once again, week after week, from great feast day to holy fast season, to worship and praise the Lord in the beauty of holiness here in Trinity Cathedral.

– The Very Reverend Dane Boston

This is your invitation to get involved! Here’s how:

For General Worship Inquiries: Contact Dean Boston (dboston@trinitysc.org)

Music and Choir Information: Contact Canon Jared Johnson (johnson@trinitysc.org)

Altar Guild: Contact Lannie Stinnette (lmccs@bellsouth.net) or Laura Baker (labaker369@gmail.com)

Hospitality Ministers: Norah Grimball (ntgrimball@gmail.com)

Flower Guild: Debra Basler (dbasler@harrissaffinity.com

Ushers: West Summers, 803.587.5845 or (jwestsummers3@gmail.com)

Eucharistic Ministers: Norah Grimball (ntgrimball@gmail.com)

Lectors: Norah Grimball (ntgrimball@gmail.com)

Acolytes: Wade Mullins (wmullins@brunerpowell.com)

Livestream crew: Laura Rosier (lrosier@trinitysc.org)


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