Daughters of Holy Cross

The Daughters of the Holy Cross (DHC) is Trinity’s Episcopal Church Women (ECW) ministry.  The mission is to “deepen the spiritual life of the women of the parish; to broaden their Christian outlook, and to provide channels through which they may assist in carrying on the church’s program.”  We offer our church, community and world our time, resources and a commitment as servants of Christ.

Who, exactly, is a Daughter of the Holy Cross? ALL baptized women of Trinity are members of The Daughters of the Holy Cross, and are welcome to join us in our mission.

Executive Committee

President: Lee Hutson 960-3732 lhutson@sc.rr.com

Vice President: Elizabeth Dorn 238-9361 elizabeth.m.dorn@gmail.com

Secretary: Tricia Morris 546-7655 mooretricia@gmail.com

Treasurer: Ann Gluse 319-6464 agluse@live.com

President-Elect: Elizabeth Clarke 360-7880 elizabethsumwaltclark@gmail.com

Treasurer-Elect: Patti Trotter 446-1985 phtrotter@msn.com

Past President (Ex-Officio) & Nominating: Julianne Sojourner 261-1717 juliannesojo@gmail.com