Healing & Wellness Opportunities

Emergency Procedures

The health and safety of our Parish is important to all of us and it is critical for our Cathedral staff, ushers and the congregation to be aware of the opportunities for safety issues to arise and to be prepared to act. A policy was developed with input from a number of our healthcare professionals and was approved during the January 2014 Vestry meeting. Contact our parish nurse, Mary Ellen Haile, to learn more.

Blood Drives

The Red Cross sponsors a blood drive twice a year at Trinity. To sign up to donate, please email Anna Katherine Roth.

CPR & AED Classes

This National Safety Council CPR and AED program teaches the principles of basic life support for adults, children and infants. It gives you the latest guidelines for CPR and emergency cardiac care, starting with how to assess the scene of an emergency and take stock of the victim’s condition.

The course details how to perform one-rescuer CPR and rescue breathing, and how to manage choking in a conscious person. It also addresses infection control. In addition you will learn how to care for bleeding emergencies, shock and minor injuries.