The Vestry of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

November-2017-Financials.pdfDSC_1281-1.JPGThe Vestry is responsible for the business affairs of the parish and represents the congregation in every area of decision-making. Vestry members are elected at the annual parish meeting held in January and serve staggered three-year terms. Also serving on the Vestry are the immediate past Senior Warden, the president of the Daughters of the Holy Cross and the president of the Trinity Foundation. The Vestry meets on the fourth Thursday of each month.


2017 Vestry Officers

  • David Danforth- Senior Warden
  • Phil Johnston - Junior Warden
  • Liz Summers - Treasurer
  • Dan Fritze - Chancellor

Serving through January 2018

  • Wallis Bond
  • Walter Edgar
  • Ryan Newton
  • Peter Shand
  • David Wolff
  • Belton Zeigler

Serving through January 2019

  • Susie Dibble
  • Marjorie Heggie Estefano
  • Robert Key
  • Andy Slaughter
  • Judy Cotchett Smith
  • Jonathan Vipperman

Serving through January 2020

  • Walter Chastain
  • Ben Grimsley
  • Brian Kvam
  • Mary McKissock
  • Llewellyn Shealy
  • Ray Weston

Other Organizations and Committees

  • Mark James - Trinity Foundation, President
  • Scotty Frantz - Daughters of the Holy Cross, President
  • Norah Grimball - Immediate Past Sr. Warden; Nominations
  • Ed Hickman - SC Episcopal Home at Still Hopes

Vestry Liaisons:

  • Cathedral Shop: Walter Edgar
  • Children Ministries: Wallis Bond
  • Communications: Judy Cotchett Smith
  • Education and Christian Formation: Belton Zeigler
  • Homeless No More: Ryan Newton
  • Liturgy, Prayer, and Music: Susie Dibble, Walter Chastain
  • Membership and Newcomers: Llewellyn Shealy
  • Men of Trinity: Andy Slaughter
  • Mission and Outreach: Jonathan Vipperman
  • Nominations: Norah Grimball
  • Parish Life, Fellowship, and Archives: Wallis Bond, Walter Edgar
  • Pastoral Care: Andy Slaughter
  • Properties: Peter Shand, Ray Weston
  • Stewardship: Ben Grimsley, Phil Johnston
  • Strategic Plan: Dean Tim Jones
  • Trinity Learning Center: Ryan Newton
  • Volunteers: Llewellyn Shealy
  • Youth Ministries: Mary McKissock